Other things in iron around the horse

Although the main focus is on handmade bits, I do of course, and gladly, other forged things in iron around the horse.


I gladly help you with your bitless options! Do you want a pair of custom-designed hackamore shanks made; I forge them for you!
I also make rings, buckles and braces for side pulls, cavesons and bridles. 

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Today's stirrups are surprisingly heavy and clumsy when compared to the past ones. It can  as much as 200 grams of weight on a ladder!

Probably it has become one step in industrialization, which has changed manufacturing techniques and hence strength properties of the product, and over time, the ladders have become clumsy and heavier to compensate for the internal manufacturing techniques.

I did not think it would be such a huge difference, but after making a pair of historical models, I never want to use a standard ladder.

Do not you enjoy today's range of high-rise beams and would like to have a couple of historical models or designs? I throw them to you!

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If you have a horse that is too large or small for standard fittings, I can make costumized harnessbuckles that fits your seal and horse. I also help you with your renovation of your old harness.

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